Love The 90's Festival


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Date: 12 June 2021 Saturday


The Dance Stage will feature a lineup of real stars that brings together some of the best artists from previous editions such as 2 Unlimited, Jenny from Ace of Base, Technotronic, Snap !, Corona, Alexia, Alice DJ, 2 Fabiola, Absolom, Spanic, Sensity World, Chimo Bayo, Bellini, Paco Pil, Wintermute, Rebeca, Double Vision, Marian Dacal, DJ Sylvan and Jumper Brothers.

For its part, the Pop / Rock Stage will feature great names from the international and national music scene such as Coolio, Celtas Cortos, Fools Garden, Modestia Apart, Undrop, OBK, La Guardia, Los Cucas, Ella baila Sola, Los Fresones Rebeldes, Dangerous Friendships, Accomplices, The Refrescos and Plato.

Finally, the Beach Stage, the outdoor area, will become a whole party thanks to a good handful of artists who starred in our best summer nights. Los del Río, with 'Macarena', and Whigfield, with 'Saturday night', will compete to see which of the two songs achieves more people dancing their choreographies at the same time, while Azúcar Moreno, Los Chunguitos and Los Manolos will put the toughest "Flamenco" at night. Zapato Veloz ('Yellow Tractor'), Abel from SBS ('Follow the leader') and Missiego ('Cachete, pechito y naombligo') will make us remember the wildest nights of our youth and DJ Kun, Viceversa and Regina do Saints.

Access to minors under 18 years is prohibited.
Doors open: 4:00 p.m.
No changes or refunds are allowed.

Once inside the enclosure, exit and re-entry will not be allowed, in such a way that if you decide to leave the enclosure, you will not be able to enter again with the same entry.

Ticket collection* Remember, the venue does not have a ticket collection service.

* You can pick up your tickets at any El Corte Inglés Center with ticket sales service, on dates and hours of public service.
Tickets must be collected by the cardholder who made the purchase or by the PayPal account holder (or person authorized by the holder) presenting the ID and reservation locator.

* You can collect your tickets at your own printer.
You can print the tickets for this show. Check that it is connected and has consumables available (ink, paper, ...).

* You can collect your tickets on your mobile.
Download them through Passbook (iOS) or Passwallet (Android) and make sure that your phone is available at the time of accessing the event.


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