Date: 16 March - 30 June 2022


DATE: from March 16 to June 30, 2022 at

ORGANIZER: Conde Duque

Rodrigo García's deranged theater is an appropriate response to a media and social landscape in which the confessional is consumed as if it were the most poisonous of appetizers. “Confessing joys”, warns this obsessive writer, is as stupid as undressing sorrows. We want everything at the same time, hypnotized by our stupidity, we compulsively zap and get stuck in the automatic doors of a police world. Rodrigo García amplifies violence and turns fear into the last crest of emotional life. Although we try to jump over our shadow, we remain phobically subject to what anguishes us. The thing is fatal and the problem flashes in a "wink" that reminds us of certain works by Bruce Nauman. Rodrigo García knows that “if you put your mind to it, you may forget the words, but you won't get rid of the images”. This “oscillating” phrase (NO THERE IS A PROBLEM/THERE IS A PROBLEM) in neon was produced for the exhibition Care and danger of oneself (Sala Amós Salvador, Logroño, 2020) and, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, it had an intense capacity not so much to alarm us as to question the promises of the "new normality". At the beginning of January 2021, Rodrigo García staged a theatrical-performative piece in the “luminous” and disturbing space (familiar and strange in the Freudian sense) that he occupied. After being dismantled in Logroño, that piece was installed in Laboral Centro de Arte (2021), just when the “problems” were becoming quite serious in that space, perhaps in the process of becoming something else or even “disappearing”. Rodrigo García's problematic call for attention intensifies his senses in relation to the spaces in which he settles. Such a thing also happens now that it is placed in Condeduque (Madrid, 2022), in a (globally) crazy time, when after the pandemic we have the (post-Goyesque) disasters of War.

(Fernando Castro Florez) Until June 30, 2022


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