The Musical of the 80s-90s



Date: 27 January - 29 April 2023


The Onbeat Company presents 'The Musical of the 80s 90s', the funniest original musical comedy of the year. The musical of a unique era in which the public will share the experience of the characters, singing, dancing and being accomplices of each one of them. The best Spanish pop from the 80s and 90s is mixed with international hits and the best songs of the summer that marked our youth. The most danced musical in history. The opening of a bar is the perfect excuse to organize the reunion of high school friends who finished their studies 25 years ago, starting together in 1990. La Movida del Cod is the venue where they meet to remember a time that marked the lives of its protagonists, to the rhythm of the best music of that youth, where there were no social networks. With the memory of yesteryear, reality shows that the lives of those former friends have changed a lot compared to what they expected (some more than others); but deep down they remain the same.



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