"Boeing Boeing"



Date: 24 August - 16 October 2022


“Boeing Boeing” A HEIGHT comedy! Marc Camoletti's greatest theatrical success. New version and direction by Ricard Reguant, starring Andoni Ferreño, Agustín Bravo, Alberto Closas, Laura Artolachipi, Lala Rod and Lydia Miranda. A production of Cabaret 42 productions S.L. Bernard is a successful journalist who is great with women, so much so that he is with three at the same time. The three of them are stewardesses from different airlines and therefore from different countries. She receives these in her apartment on different days and times, so that they can never coincide, since each one thinks that she is the only woman in Bernard's life. the problem comes the day the airlines decide to go on strike. Then the flight schedules change and are reduced giving rise to the main entanglement of the work. The three coincide on the same day in the apartment, but at different times; As if this were not enough, Bernard will also have to keep an eye on a friend, Roberto, also a journalist and war correspondent, who, due to the strike, has been left behind and has no choice but to go to his friend to house him until the strike is over. Laughs Guaranteed!



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