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Date: 29 November 2023 Wednesday
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  • 27 September 2023 Wednesday
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- On February 25, CentroCentro opens the exhibition Everything Else. An approach to contemporary creation spaces in Madrid, with twenty invited organizations and an extensive public program of activities

- On March 29, the exhibition Excuse me, I'm talking, opens to the public, an encyclopedic approach to the autobiographical comic of women that brings together the work of more than 70 authors

- Within the framework of MadBlue 2023, it will host the exhibition The Oceans. The great question

- The program of free training workshops and artistic production TELARAÑA celebrates its third edition with 14 new proposals from February to December

- Contemporary music and sound creation continue to feature in the Auditorium's programming, with the sixth edition of VANG. Avant-garde music and the new Absences concert cycle

Madrid, January 23, 2023 The new proposals for the programming of CentroCentro, space of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council, are led by contemporary creation.

A window to alternative spaces

On February 25, during ARCO week, Everything else is inaugurated. An approach to contemporary creation spaces in Madrid. With the aim of bringing the public closer to the city's independent creation spaces, and highlighting their artistic and social value, CentroCentro has invited four of them [Amelie Aranguren (CAR-Centro de Acercamiento a lo rural), Andrea Pacheco González (FelipaManuela), Flavia Introzzi (Upper Floor), Ramón Mateos (Nobody Never Nothing No)] to develop a collective curatorship and conceive an exhibition project and a public program of activities.

The team, in turn, has summoned another 16 spaces out of the total of 40 currently active in Madrid, of very different nature, scale and trajectories. In Todo lo demás, each one has been understood as an artistic project with a particular aesthetic and conceptual dimension, through which they will show their work as well as different materials –objects, books, artistic pieces, tools– that have formed part of their programming. or have been created expressly for the sample.

In addition, a program of more than 30 parallel activities will take place throughout the exhibition time. Performative tours, sound creation laboratories, festive gatherings, workshops, colloquia and debates, research processes in residence, among other formats, which emerge from the exhibition proposals of each of the invited spaces, in order to establish a dialogue with different audiences. Participating in Everything else: Alimentación 30, Aparador Monteleón, CAR-Center for Rural Approaches, Casa Banchel, Espacio Afro, Espacio de Todo, #Ey!Studio, FelipaManuela, Institute for Postnatural Studies, Cultural Center for Artistic Experimentation and Documentation La Parcería (CCEDA), La Juan Gallery, marcablanca, La Neomudéjar Museum, Nobody Never Nothing No, Omnivores, Top Floor, Bow, Lounge, Storm And Drunk and Sappers City of Art.

Women's autobiographical comic On March 29, it will open to the public Excuse me, I'm talking, an encyclopedic approach to the autobiographical comics of women, curated by Tevi de la Torre, Teresa Ferrero-Peleteiro and Roberta Vázquez. The exhibition brings together brushstrokes of the work of more than 70 authors and shows the plurality of an expanding genre that is testimony to the lives of artists around the world and addresses universal themes such as health, family, working conditions, identity sexuality, social differences, xenophobia or friendship. The authors in the exhibition have been invited to select the materials with which they feel represented and to explain their creative experience with their words. art and sustainability On April 21, the exhibition The Oceans will arrive at CentroCentro. The big question, the result of collaboration with MadBlue 2023 and the Tuna Skin Foundation. Curated by David Barro, the project transcends the usual scope of the art exhibition context to generate positive changes from an ethical and responsible perspective, approaching the work not to see the work itself, but the world through it. Combining history, knowledge and innovative creative practices, it builds a history of the sea through art, design, architecture, music and cinema, literature, gastronomy, science or innovation, in a journey through five sections : Extraordinary Voyages (oceans in literature, film and music); Blue innovation (creativity and knowledge as paths and the oceans as a solution); Silent spring (science and the challenges of the culture of the sea); The difficult crossing (the arts and crafts of the sea); Blue, new green (attitudinal design and architecture at the service of the oceans).

COBWEB 2023.

Artistic production workshops In February, CentroCentro will begin the third edition of its cycle of artistic production workshops, TELARAÑA, a self-produced project, directed by María Revuelta that since its inception in 2021 has been very well received, with full capacity in practically all of the sessions scheduled. There will be a total of 14 new practical workshops, with invited members and collectives from different fields – music, visual arts, theatre, design or electronics –, where they will experiment with media used in contemporary expression and creation. Proposals for two days, Friday and Saturday, free, with prior registration, in which the participants come to create, generate, produce, manufacture, compose, build and learn.

The schedule of the workshops for the first semester can be consulted at

Contemporary music and sound creation Continuing CentroCentro's commitment to contemporary music and sound experimentation, two annual cycles of their own production will begin in February: the already veteran VANG. Music in the vanguard and the new cycle Absences.

VANG VI, curated this year by Sergio Luque and Victor Barceló, proposes an approach to pieces that harness the power of music to transform our perception and alter our state of consciousness. It will feature three monographic concerts dedicated to the French composer, pioneer of sound experimentation, Éliane Radigue (February 23), the American composer Julius Eastman (April 20) and Michael Pisaro's Hearing Metal 3 (November 16); with Dutch composer and pianist Dante Boon (March 16), guitarist Julien Desprez (May 18), Ensemble Vertixe Sonora (June 15), Barcelona-based ensemble CrossingLines (September 21) and Bretonnian bagpipes by Erwan Keravec (November 16).

The new cycle Absences, the third collaboration curated by the Desclasificados collective, will present repertoires and works that revolve around the unheard, the forgotten, both in a musical, philosophical and political sense. It will open with the soprano Juliet Fraser and the work Three Voices, by Morton Feldman (February 22); then Trio O3, made up of Ingar Zach, Alessandra Rombolà and Esteban Algora (March 29); German percussionist Vanessa Porter (April 19); Mahan Esfahani Iranian harpsichordist and presenter (May 31), Ensemble Klangforum Wien (June 28), the voice of Victor Trescoli's toy piano (September 27) and, closing the cycle, Attacca Quartet (November 29). The entrance for the concerts of both cycles will be €5.

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