Date: 21 July - 31 August 2022
Place: Madrid, Spain


The children's brand “Dovemania!” over 21 followers on instagram “Dovemania!” It also has a YouTube channel since July 18 where it already exceeds 100 subscribers “Dovemania!”, the brand created by the Catalan illustrator Carla Siso and which has in love with the smallest of the house, exceeds 21 thousand followers on Instagram. And all thanks to the Usita turtledove. So far this month, the brand has won more than 4,500 followers. This success on Instagram has led its creator to launch a YouTube channel. The Public response has been immediate, exceeding 100 followers in two days. The The objective of the channel is for children to get to know Usita more closely and learn with she. In a visual and entertaining way, Carla Siso will address issues that are not present in the book such as vowels or colors. The main element of “Dovemania!” is an illustrated book with which Carla wants transmit to children their love for animals while they discover some of the jobs and sports that are carried out in the world: athletics, golf, singer, postman... “I I would like the public, when reading the book or watching the videos, to learn, be entertained and fall in love with the Turkish turtle doves and respect the animals", recognizes Carla.

Origin of “Dovemania!” It all started in 2012. Then Carla Siso was not going through a good mood. Chance would have it that a baby Turkish turtledove fell into her hands, which she rescued and she took to her house. The dove, which she named Usita, helped her overcome a serious depressive crisis. “I leaned on her, on my parrot and my blackbird to get through the situation. She does A few years ago she passed away, but she has been my inspiration to create Dovemania!” she points out. young artist. In the summer of 2020 Carla began to make drawings with the image of the Usita turtledove, first in cloth bags and then in paper. That's how “Dovemania!” came about. A From that moment the Catalan was creating illustrations on different themes, all of them with Usita as the protagonist. Some of those drawings she uploaded to her account from Instagram (@dovemania.oficial). Usita and “Dovemania!” aroused great interest among the public. This success encouraged Carla to collect her illustrations and publish, with the help of the Caligrama publishing house, a book for children. But “Dovemania!” is much more. The collection includes additional products (bags, caps, mugs, stickers, sheets...) in which it appears the turtledove itself. The book is available in both physical and digital versions. The physical edition can be buy at La Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés and, while the version electronics can be purchased through Amazon, Fnac, Kobo and Google play.

Carla Siso, the author Carla Siso was born in Barcelona. Drawing has always been one of her passions. Of girl she painted on paper the drawings she saw on television and created her own stories. “I always liked to write, draw my own stories, since I was little I did it. I suppose it is to abstract myself from the world and give free rein to my imagination.”, says the author of “Dovemania!”. Carla defines herself as a person who loves animals, especially turtle doves. “I love birds. The book is a tribute to Usita and all the birds. I hope that Thanks to him, people can get to know them better.” Editorial Calligram Caligrama belongs to Grupo Lantia, the self-publishing publishing house in Spanish Spanish par excellence. It offers writers exclusive editing services, distribution and promotion, which make their works acquire a new dimension and reach their full potential. Caligrama aspires to broaden the current publishing horizon by bringing the largest number of possible stories to readers, not only from Spain, but from all over the world. span very diverse content: novel, poetry, essay and experimental works.


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