INTERDIGITALIZED Learning what we are in the technological age. Intergenerational workshops



Date: 28 January - 3 June 2023



Learning what we are in the technological age.

Intergenerational workshops

INTERDIGITALIZED is a program of intergenerational workshops where we reflect on how technology and digital culture have transformed our way of understanding and living in the 21st century society and our relationship with the city; and we do it through five key concepts: how has our perception of the body, memory, space, time and community changed? These workshops understand technology not only as a tool but also as content. At a time when new technologies cover all areas of our lives, it is essential to spend time sharing reflections in the community on how they affect us on a day-to-day basis. These workshops are intergenerational; This means that they are for all ages where we are all participants and we can all learn from everyone, not only children from adults but also vice versa. In this digital world in which we are living, more and more relationships are produced where the little ones teach the older ones. The workshops are focused on working in the community with the participation of people of all ages, so you can come with friends, family, or by yourself; our own lived experiences are the trigger to learn all together. In the case of attending with children under 5 years of age, ways will be sought to welcome them into the group, taking into account that the content is focused from this age onwards.

INTERDIGITALIZED will take place on Saturdays between January and June 2023 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., with a different workshop every two weeks. Each workshop will be repeated twice throughout the program. They are free of charge and places will be allocated in order of registration. More information:


Invisible Pedagogies is a group with more than 10 years of experience in art+education initiatives. He collaborates through long-term projects with public entities such as the Madrid City Council, with the Levadura residency program, and private institutions such as the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, together with those who have promoted the Planea Network. Their practices are developed both locally and internationally with organizations such as Bergen Assembly or Empathic Pedagogies. Ibero-American network of art + education.


we are body

28.01.2023 and 15.04.2023

Workshop aimed at reflecting on how technology has modified our body

we are memory

11.02.2023 and 22.04.2023

Workshop where we will explore how much internal memory we have and how much external memory we need

we are spaces

25.02.2023 and 06.05.2023

Workshop to investigate the different spaces that surround us

we are time

11.03.2023 and 20.05.2023

Workshop aimed at discovering the relativity of time and how technology alters our perception

we are community

25.03.2023 and 03.06.2023

Workshop where we will analyze how we live in community



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