Theoretical course | Opera appreciation and history



Date: 30 January - 22 May 2023


From the hand of the director Víctor Manuel Dogar, we present a new cycle of the opera appreciation and history program. What does it consist of? In enjoying and better understanding the stories that the operas present to us through the analysis of the different stagings that the directors propose to us. Through the selection of audiovisual examples, the participants, led by the teacher, take a journey through history based on the most relevant artistic movements to establish the aesthetic-stylistic correlation with opera and place it in its historical context. Each class will work on a series of operas, duly selected. Aim At the end of the course, the student will be able to have a clear and simple idea about the history and evolution of opera and its different styles, in addition to appreciating and enjoying in a more conscious way the greatness of this musical genre through its stagings.


Class 1 Presentation

Class 2. History and evolution of the Aria

Class 3. Dramaturgy in the Opera

Class 4. Romanticism: Verdi

Class 5. Post-romanticism: Elektra R.Strauss

Class 6. Eugene Onegin Tchaikovsky

Class 7. Jesus Christ Superstar. Andrew Lloyd Webber

Class 8. Wagner and Leitmotifs

Class 9. The Gold of the Rhine Wagner

Class 10. Voice recognition class. They.

Class 11. Voice recognition class. Them

Class 12. Closing


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