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Phone: +34 670 77 60 69
Address: Marqués de Leganés, 7, Madrid, Spain


  • 22 October 2021, 21:00


The year 1951 was when Morocco began its journey through Champagne, impossible performances, forbidden dances, winks at the tables, phrases with double meanings and parades of beautiful people. And in that moment, it becomes what we want to remember and celebrate, a landmark of a city that wants to have fun and forget. And around there, at nights in that Morocco where you could always find a handful of women, the most beautiful, parading, the protagonists of that slutty life that accompany those who come to Madrid on their way to heaven. To the beat of the movements of the waist and the veils that fell, Naïma Cherky, the one who best showed a swaying navel, made them lose their roles from the black marketers turned into respectable businessmen to the Cifesa actors, the intellectuals, the bullfighters of miraculous medals and the footballers who, like Gento, won a few drinks during the day and others spent them at night. Not only did dancers pass through the Moroccan stage ready, after the performance, to alternate with the client, but, following the best tradition of cabaret or music hall, the best comedians of the moment, Cassen, the most privileged voices, Lolita Garrido, or the most impressive vedettes, Maruja Iglesias, were common attractions. Suffice it to remember that Morocco had two orchestras. One of my own. And so, we come to the 70s, and Morocco adapts to the new times, uncover, dirty joke and satire, since the dictatorship's corset was loosening and Democracy pointed inexorably. Deep changes in Spanish society and changes also in Morocco. For the first time it was going to change its name and in the fall of 1978, it was renamed "Talismán", the name with which the extraordinary Lucía Bosé baptized it. They were five years, until 1983, of splendor and success. With folkloric performances, full nudes, boleros with Moncho, jokes with Eugenio and… orchestras, always orchestras. After this golden stage came the crossing of the desert until the end of the 80s. And the 90's arrived. And Morocco came back stronger than ever. A group of artists led by Alaska hoped to bring back the vibe of the night owl's favorite cabaret of old. This is how a "Trash-Hollywood and Baroque" decoration Morocco shone again. A point full of glitter. Of fun. Of surprising nights. Wild. Crazy. Without complex. The right place at the right time. Oblivion, hostess and above all as Great Muse; Pedro Munster (there he is) from Disc jockey; Almodóvar, García Alix, Berlanga, Loriga, Bosé, Flores on stage, the dance floor or the bar. Painters, filmmakers, journalists, singers and other fauna of the bad life –which is the good life- gathered at parties, concerts, book presentations, conferences, performances and activities that traced a name that never left and associated it with a way of make culture from fun. Time is enough for us, and with it we come to the present, whose address corresponds to Juan Antonio Fernández. With a much more modern decoration and more up-to-date music without losing the essence of Morocco, there we have our DJ responsible for our clients to enjoy the most mythical room in the capital, being a point of reference as always in Madrid.

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