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Type: Concert hall
Thu - Sat:00:00 - 06:00

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Address: Isabel la Catolica, 6, Madrid, Spain


Live music venue

Sala de conciertos en el centro de madrid

The Cool room is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 00:00 to 06:00 in the morning. Cool Program three weekly sessions, Thursday: Xoxo Madrid, Friday: Starsdust and Saturdays: Lol Gay Club, where parties such as Churros con chocolate, Malamala and many more that we will inform you about are prepared. This room looks for good vibes and the desire to have a good time in a most eclectic environment, here there is room for posh, alternative, casual gays, bohemians, etc. That is, if they have a policy of good vibes so accentuated that people with a Bacalo roll are prohibited from entering, people with earrings, shaved heads, people with gold rings and chains, they do not have to be bad people but we already know more it is worth preventing.

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