Culinary Secrets of Seville



Fecha: 29 Febrero 2024, 19:30 Jueves
Lugar: Seville, Spain
Los eventos pasados
  • 27 Febrero 2024, 19:30 Martes
  • 26 Febrero 2024, 19:30 Lunes
  • 25 Febrero 2024, 19:30 Domingo


Learn all about Seville's incredible culture while enjoying the city's favorite fare with Cozymeal! Join the upcoming food tour, “Culinary Secrets of Seville”, with Guide Charlie or Local Guide for a fun 3-hour experience with 7 tastings along the way.

Cozymeal offers a variety of culinary experiences, including cooking classes, team building activities, food tours and private chef services. We’ll give you a unique, unforgettable experience hosted by incredible chefs and guides in over 70 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Book a culinary experience with Cozymeal and let theus take care of the rest.



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