Exhibition: "Designer fruits"



Date: 10 February - 15 May 2022


Designer fruits

An exhibition on the graph of fruits

The design studio El vivero proposes a project of research and recovery of the graphics of fruit brands, focusing on designs created since the end of the 50s, popular designs, some of which have been with us for years, and that are They update almost inadvertently. In this period, since the economic reactivation at the end of the postwar period, a change in style is generated with respect to the creations of the beginning of the 20th century, stimulated by the renewal of printing techniques.

If before the image of the fruit was supported by elaborate illustrations, now graphics prevail, with designs focused on typography, based on flat and striking colors, around brands with surprising names such as Delirio, Fantasia, Fetiche, Filósofo, Infinita, La Desired, Solita, La Soculente, Pillín, Lollipop, Top, etc. Designer Fruits includes over 250 tissue papers, 120 boxes and 360 labels. This selection is not intended to be complete or definitive, but rather an open archive that brings together samples collected over the years in neighborhood greengrocers, to which have been added specimens from collectors, visits to central markets, printers, box factories and fruit dealers. The image that surrounds the fruits is part of the daily graphics of consumers in Spain and Europe.

Fruits of design presents a selection of these brands, identifying the design of excellence in products that surround us, highlighting the value of the work of often unknown local creators and designers, framing their work in the contemporary design environment. The nursery is a studio founded in 2004 by Florencia Grassi, graphic designer and sociologist, specialized in communication of artistic and cultural projects, visual identity and publication design, and Leandro Lattes, industrial designer specialized in exhibition design and visual identity development for cultural projects, author of the books Until end of stock. Urban details of Madrid I and II.


10.02 - 15.05.2022

Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Floor 2

Free entrance

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