Date: 9 March - 2 June 2024


What are the new galleries that have recently opened in Madrid like? Where are they? Who are their young gallery owners? What is the training of these entrepreneurs? Which artists do they exhibit? Who are their collectors? After COVID, confinement and Filomena, in times of electronic commerce, fiber-speed communications and new international conflicts... why open a new art gallery in Madrid?

Widening the door is an exhibition that aims to answer these questions and many more by giving voice to the newest gallery owners who have opened the doors of their spaces in recent years in the city. A selection of them will present their projects and the work of their artists. This project is planned in three phases: a first in the form of interviews with gallery owners, accessible in the form of a podcast; the second, as a physical tour of the results of that research, along with a collective exhibition of the artists represented by those galleries; the third, through a public program of round tables that will take place during the exhibition, to analyze and debate the information obtained throughout this research.

With these three moments we intend to offer an overview of the new Madrid gallery, both for those who know the traditional art trade in our city, and for those who have not frequented it until now.

In the 1960s, gallery owner Leo Castelli, seeing that the artists he worked with were creating increasingly larger canvases, had the door of his gallery widened. This gesture of collaboration, of understanding, conveys both the will of the galleries and their involvement with the artists and that of this exhibition, which opens its doors to give visibility to the new entrepreneurs of the art market in Madrid.

With the galleries Arniches 26, Belmonte, El Chico, the office, Picnic and Pradiauto.

An exhibition curated by Joaquín García Martín
Exhibition design: BURR Studio
Graphic design: Koln Studio


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