SWING pres. MARCO FARAONE (4h Extended Set)



Fecha: 15 Abril 2023, 23:45 Sábado


For its Madrid's back , SWING brings MARCO FARAONE in the extended set format to The Bassement Club!

Ilario Alicante was born in 1988 in Livorno (Italy). His first residences in his hometown were in clubs like Cameretta and Pachamama Club, these served him to improve his skills with the mixer. Thanks to his performances at the Circo Loco parties and at the famous Tenax club in Bologna, Ilario managed to attract the attention of the international electronic music scene and nowadays it is common to see him playing outside Italy in clubs in Europe and South America. As a producer his career started at the early age of 16, and he currently has more than 10 references spread over labels such as Cecille, Discos de Lata, Atypical Farm, Bosconi or Tenax Recordings.

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